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mizu87 (profile) wrote,
on 4-24-2005 at 12:32am
Current mood: hurt/scared/cold/tired
... I got in a fight.

Fucking.. Javier's aunt (josephs mom, not really his aunt) thought i was wanting her man, his name is Aaron. I never met the guy except for tonight... man... she wanted some indian ink so i gave javier mine to give to her.. and the tatoo gun my brother made for javier is over there too... but aaron was supposed to give javi a tatoo.. and... well anyway i just told a friend so here it is what i told him :

BudaFalL87: i got in a fight
BudaFalL87: like at... 11
HIM: about what and with whom
Buda: with this woman.. i was at the apartments... indian housing.. and ... this guy named aaron was supposed to give my "guy"friend a tatoo, javier, and he was drawing and .. his woman, these people like in their mid or late 30's.. she thought i was hitting on him, she was drinking.. and before i was gonna leave, he was drawing a picture for me since i brought over some art supplies, i said i might come get it tomorrow because he wanted me to have it and i had to leave before he was done with it... and.. javier
Buda: was in the bathroom and... this girl named patina was at her house (she was gonna walk home with me and javier and his brother christian) so.. it was just me christian her and aaron... so... she fucking got up, grabbed me by the neck and threw me back on the couch.. her grabbing my neck didn't hurt and i thought the couch wouldn't hurt either but the couch is really thin and my head hit the wood and.. i passed out... and her and her man aaron got in a fist fight... and... man.. i was the only white girl..
Bud: i should of known better... i ain't fucking with indians no more.. they are lazy fucking bastards.. all of them
HIM: wow you seem really upset lol
Buda but they got her off me.. i was gonna hit the couch and push her off with my feet but.. i didn't know i was gonna hit my head.... but.. i didn't do anything to her.. she's always been nice with me because i'm friends with her boy.. ... and... she just.. was drunk.. so i didn't go after her...
Buda: i have a huge knot on the back of my head. I can't put my head back without a really sharp pain... i'm afraid to sleep...
Bud: ait's not bleeding it's just swelling alot.. it's like three inches horizontal and... like an inch and a half virtical and.. like probably an half inch think.. or so.. i don't know.. i took three tyneol and.... fucking i'm dizzy and shit...

But yeah.. javier got back and... christian is the one that got her off me.. she is weak.. she didn't even hold me hard.. or push too hard.. i just hit the couch bad lmao.. that is fucked up.. my head is killing me.. i can't touch it at all... ... i'm afraid to sleep because it's all swollen... my parents don't know.. but anyway.. she tried comming after me again so i went outside and javier and christian came because that lady's mama came in and was wondering what the hell was going on.. .. but... javier was apologizing so much.. he had some to drink too he was buzzed.. i wasn't buzzed, not even close... i only had a few sips.. but... he left me to go pee and i got hurt... he is always leaving me.. walking away.. me walking after him... he's hanging up on me... to when he called.. i called him lazy... and that i won't ever get with him... i'm tired of this.. i'm tried of fucking dumbasses that are lazy... i want someone to take care of me .... he does but he is lazy... he can't prove shit...

... but anyway.. i really wanted to talk to trey tonight..... it says your on trey.. but you won't respond.. you need to stop falling asleep on the keyboard... i got to work tomorrow... .. but...

... i'm really hurt... with javier i mean.. i really like aaron.. he draws great... been in prision for 15 years... straight and.. fucking people are out looking for him.. they are the only indians i know that lock their door... .. but i don't know if i should sleep yet or not... ... i think i'll call the hospital... ... and ask them what i should do...

.. that would be smart..

... i'm straving...

...i guess i'll go... ...

.... .... i'm ... i don't want to be alone.. but... i can't rush to find someone... ... fuck brook.. fuck javier untill he shows me he is responsible and can take care of himself and his family... and... damn.. just fuck guys period...
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