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behindmysmile (profile) wrote,
on 4-24-2005 at 11:40am
Current mood: disappointed
Music: grind on me -- Pretty Ricky
Subject: Its all nothing, it all means nothing ..without you here

So yeah its been a while. A long while i guess .. nobody write in woohu anymore. I def. miss it a lot. No actually i miss talkin about how i feel Somethign that woohu let me do. Unlike our darling livejournal, which also has its plus . But still .. =/

So today i went through and read like every entry on me and buttheads old journals. And now i sit here and cry.

But why? I couldnt tell you .

Maybe cause i miss her, or i miss us.

But no its something deeper than that. Im so disappointed in my self * notice the mood * i seriously am not the person i want to be anymore. Britts right, i have changed. And its not for the better.

What do you do when u dont want to be you anymore..
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