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lovesolost511 (profile) wrote,
on 4-24-2005 at 12:32am
Current mood: accomplished
Music: Behind These Hazel Eyes-Kelly Clarkston
So, I've been neglecting my woohu again. How inevitable.
That sounds really funny"I've been neglecting my woohu"
Nothing exciting has happened recently, well actually yes it has. School is as boring as ever, now that we have been fully hit with the wave of ITED. ITED. How incredibly dull. I mean, the only reason they have the freshmen take the ITED is because they don't want the sophmores to feel stupid because they would be the only ones in school. I'm sure this is common knowledge by know, but I will shut up since I'm soon to be a sophmore myself.
Next year sounds rather unappealing. Sophmores. Middle. Nothing, really. Just...there. Too old to hang out with the freshmen (really) but not quite old enough to hang out with the juniors/seniors. Then again, anything is better than being that lowly freshmen. I hear freshmen year is usually the most fun, since everything is all new and what not. I just don't like the FRESH part..or maybe its the MAN/MEN. anyhow, freshmen just doesn't scream "cool".

My daily tasks for the day consist of the following:
Go to Church (check)
Clean Mom/Dads cars (check)
Mow front lawn (about to get checked)
Mow back lawn (a little bit father away from check)
Organize Closet
Organize Drawers
Clean Under My Bed
Change Bed Linens
Organize nightstand
Clean Out Desk
Vacuum Bedroom Floor
Clean Bathroom Counter
Sweep Kitchen Floor
Sweep Hallway/Stairs
Sweep Den Floor
Vacuum Couches in the Den
Vacuum/Organize Living Room
Vacuum Living Room furniture
Finish Birthday Gift Wish List
Send out Birthday Gift Wish List

Oh, How I love the feeling of getting things accomplished. sweet papaya with fresh mint.
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