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simplywicked (profile) wrote,
on 4-24-2005 at 7:17pm
Our justice system is so fucked up..

Those of you who live in Spokane or go to LC have probably heard about the kid who made a bomb.. right? Well it turns out i know him. SO we talked today and what i've been hearing is utter CRAP!

Ok so.. Connor is like.. Liberal, quiet, smart, nice.. not the kind of guy you would expect to make bombs.. Anyway, He had pages from the Anarchists Cookbook and ever-so-smartly brought them to school. Well.. someone saw them, and told, right? Right. So they called him down to the office and were questioning him and all (this is where it gets fucked up), and he tells the truth. Yes thats right. HE TELLS THEM THE TRUTH. He told them that he /did/ have a bomb..explosive..whatever. If he had lied.. or not said anything.. they wouldnt have been able to get a search warrant. When you tell the truth you're supposed to get in /less/ trouble aren't you?
So now he's facing chrages for a felony which means he wont be able to vote or leave the country.. ever!
It's not even like he was going to bring it to school. He's just a smart kid who likes blowing up explosives!

God, the government is soooooooo fucked up. GRR!!!!!!
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