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goose (profile) wrote,
on 4-25-2005 at 8:58am
work was poopy. I had to stay an hour late because 2 busses of girls showed up to see the 615 a lot like love and there was 1 guy at concessions so they threw me back there with him and i had to get popcorn for an hour. blah. Then i did nothing. I ate ice cream, it was good. (lol details, no. hahaha) yeah...library is a snooze fest. My short story is 7 pages now. im getting close to where curry wants us to be! yay! :) I just have to come up with an ending, which is impossible. But I actually like my story! its a miracle i know! we'll see though, im sure ill change my mind tomorrow. Im hungry. we have band tonight...oh darn no crew...psh!
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