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court04 (profile) wrote,
on 4-25-2005 at 10:36pm
Current mood: stressed
friday i went to school from 12-4. i did math pretty much the whole time. dylan and i went out to eat at applebees. that was fun. good food. he told me that i was someone very special. after we ate we went up to salt lake and went to ensign peak. its so pretty up there. you can see the whole salt lake valley.

saturday i went and gave plasma. then i went with dylans to his brothers place for a barbeque. we played pool and watched basketball (which is way boring). when we got home we went to wal mart then back to his place.

yesterday dylan went to church with me. i was pretty amazed. then i did some math. dylan came over and we watched a movie with michelle and kenyan. i tried to go to bed at 1 but couldnt fall asleep till 2.

today i woke up at 6 and stayed in bed till my clock went off at 630. then i got to school at 7 ate breakfast there. then i went to the math lab and worked on math for 1 1/2 hours. then went and took my test. i think i did ok on it. afterwards i went to dylans. he made pancakes and bacon. then i went to the library and studied bio.
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