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swimchica255 (profile) wrote,
on 4-26-2005 at 2:25am
Current mood: sleepy
Music: billy joel-the longest time
Subject: lotsa stuff
so i guess i have a lot to talk about...considering i haven't written much lately. i'm just gonna post a bunch of random thoughts of mine.

i moved back home yesterday. well, not completely, but i brought most of my stuff back and am now residing in good ole t-town. it's weird sleeping in my own bed. taking into consideration the fact that my room has been relocated in the basement, i'd say that it's not much better than the dorms. it's always chilly down there and i have to sleep with like ten ginormous blankets to prevent freezing. i guess i won't have to worry about that once summer comes, though.

i already miss my ann arbor friends. normally i can find people who want to go out on a monday night, but at home there's absolutely nothing to do. not to mention the fact that practically the only people here right now are still in high school and have bedtimes. what are those? i don't know.

i really really really don't want to start work for the summer. i feel like it's never going to end, and until i realize what i want to do with my life, it's going to suck as well. i have my choice of academic possibilities, but nothing academia-related is interesting to me. i would do well as peter gibbons from office space. when asked what he'd do if he had a couple million dollars, he said he'd do nothing. that's what i would do, too. i mean, i'd socialize with my friends and everything, but no job interests me, regardless of salary. i just don't want to do one. i sound like such a spoiled brat, but i've been working a lot since i was 14, and i'm already sick of it. i need to find something that i'm passionate about so that i can stop worrying about my major. it seemed like i had to much time to choose, but now it's getting closer and closer, and i really feel like i should know by now. ugh.

weather lately has been crazy. it was in the 80's on tuesday, yesterday there were 4 inches of snow, and today it's all melted and 65 degrees. michigan is the only place i know of that i can wear a bikini and a winter jacket in the same week. nuts.

i am soooooooo excited for everyone to come home. i miss everyone so much, and i just want to see them a couple of times before i sell my soul to employment.

i'm about to start training my butt off tomorrow. it's not gonna be pretty, but by the time i do a triathlon, i want to be in amazing shape. hopefully it'll work out.

schoooooool is over, and i might have gotten all a's this semester!!!!! yay. that would be amazing, and i would be so proud of myself.

i either need to find something to keep me from boredom when it's late at night, or something that makes me go to sleep earlier, because this sitting at the computer thing isn't much fun.

speaking of which, it's way late, so i'm going to bed.
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