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hnybee288 (profile) wrote,
on 4-26-2005 at 5:13pm
Today was a shocking day. Fisrt of all i JUST found out that Evan was ADOPTED...that doesnt really matter to me....but what i care about is that he never told me :-( I feel bad for him bcuz living with ppl who arent even related to u must be hard [he told me it wasnt]...and when i found out i wanted to cry...but all i could do was laugh to hold back my tears. Like everything makes sense now....i had asked him what his heritage was and he didnt know and i had always told him that he looked nothing like his "parents"...i was so shocked. I really dont want to look at him different but like i cant help but feel sorry for him...ill try not to but i wont be able to help it :-/ I LOVE U EVAN!!!<333
Then i found out that i have a stomach bacteria infection and i have to get that camra stuck down my throat when im sleeping and they r gonna take a piece of my stomach out and do further testing on it. Fun fun...not! Later.

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