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loupgarou (profile) wrote,
on 4-27-2005 at 4:05pm
Current mood: exhausted
Music: A Kiss to Build a Dream On - Louis Armstrong
Subject: Breakaway day, another political statement, and other things
First off, just to get up-to-date, we are finished with Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. It was fun while it lasted, and I made friends with a lot of people. Hopefully I will be able to post something about the experiences later.

Today I went on our freshman breakaway day. It's basically a retreat. I wasn't supposed to go this time. I was supposed to go about a month ago, but because I was sick that day, they let me go this time. The best part was right after lunch, when Sara, Louise, Bethany, and I hiked in the rain. We saw a salamander! I've never seen one of those in the wilderness before. But it was resting in the mud in the trail and then climbed lazily over a mound of mud mush, swam through a narrow foggy puddle, and came out the other side to begin his journey up the hill. He was an orange brown color and very cute!

The thing that was kind of funny was, I usually am not excited to go hiking. But i realized today that that is probably because my mom always makes us go on very hot, sunny days, when all the mosquitos and gnats are out, preparing themselves to begin their purpose of existance - to bother the crap out of you. But I truly think that rain is one of the most beautiful things in the world, so that changes the whole thing for me. Especially when you can do it with friends. Though Bethany was kind of annoying me because she kept making arguments about the smallest things. Otherwise, today, there was no sun to bother me, nor too many bugs buzzing around your head. The forest was just beautiful. The leaves were glistening with droplets of water, which rolled down the leaves and fell in large drops onto the earth, or occasionally, your head. And the mud made fun squishy noises. The whole thing made me so happy. Sara, Louise, and I started skipping on the way back, chanting "I do believe in faeries! I do! I do!". Haha it was fun. But the whole thing seemed so short.
By the time we got back to the main gathering place, Sara and I at least, were soaked.

Thinking back on that almost makes me sad that I feel the need to make another political statement. Ah, oh well. For those that are tired of them, you don't need to read it. Though I would appreciate it if you did.


Well, I can't find any of the quotes that I wanted to, so this will be relatively short. Anyway, apparently the radical left wing people have gone too far with a lot of this bush hating stuff. It saddens me, that people can hate someone so much. Especially since they are so loud about it. To other countries, we must seem like idiots. It not only shows that our leader is most likely a bad man, it gives a bad name to Americans as well, because it shows that we have no trust in him what-so-ever, when we were the ones that voted for him. We really don't need people disliking us more than they do.
And knowing media in general, when other countries hear about America and their opinion on their leader, that's probably all the news they hear. They hear the bad things. For example, you rarely ever seen headlines in the newspaper such as: "Mongolia Cheers for their new leader, who did this and this and this" As opposed to headlines like: "Mongolians unhappy about their new leader." Maybe it would be news stating that a new leader has been elected, but after that unless the person had a brilliant idea that is affecting our country as well as the other ones, you usually hear negative things about it. And knowing how many protests we have and how uttterly viscious we are towards our own president, other countries will read about how we hate our leader and how bad of a man he is. They then will get the impression that our leader is a bad man and that the people in the country he is the leader of are stupid for putting him into office. It reflects badly on everyone in the country.
I'm hearing things now that they are comparing him to Adolf Hitler, and I am sick and tired of things like this. I think it's terrible to call someone like that when in reality he is nothing like that man. If president Bush were really that terrible of a man, we would have had enough sense to get him out of office. It's despicable, really. I heard quotes from them going off on the radio while in the car, and I truly was disgusted on how cruel and stupid we can be. It is pointless to hate someone so much and be blinded by that hate that everything he does further is a stupid idea and makes him a terrible man, even before the accuser sees the outcome of his plan. Or, they shoot down his ideas and curse him for them without any better ideas of their own. They don't give the man a chance. The guy's plans so far have not been a complete failure. We've liberated over 50, 000 people so far. Different countries have decided to go to democracies.
The man is not Satan. He is not pure evil. And he is most definitely nothing compared to Adolf Hitler.
Not to mention many of the same old arguments are being brought up over and over again. "He made tax cuts for the rich! Is that fair?!" Yes. Yes, it is fair. Rich people pay the vast majority of the taxes in America, while middle and poor classes hardly make up any of it. So, to these people that have worked hard to get a good job and become successful, instead of living off of wellfare and having kids just to get more money from it, yes, they deserve to be given a break. I could go on and on about this, but I don't really want to.

Another thing that is sad that i heard is that there is this sixteen year old girl who was given a date rape drug when she was fourteen and then raped while unconcious. The boy that did it to her was not convicted of anything because a senator or something of whatever state she is in thinks that it can't really be considered rape because she was unconscious at the time, therefore it was not technically by force. The thing is, the boy did it once before. And to a twelve year old girl. He's eighteen now, and his record is clean.

I heard a clip from the girl telling why she wanted him to be punished, and it makes perfect sense to me. She said, through many tears, that it was like a loop-hole. If that rule stays, anyone can rape anyone as long as they are unconscious and not get in trouble for it. It makes me very mad to hear that the woman person that is not letting this be charged as rape is doing something like that. I think that if she were raped, she would want the guy to be in trouble for it too.

My grandpa's been having heart problems again. My mommy is worried. Now I'm worried.
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