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court04 (profile) wrote,
on 4-28-2005 at 6:54am
Current mood: tired
tuesday i had bio and written business communication finals. they went ok i guess. i had to wake up at 630 again. 2 days in a row! that sucks. when i got home i studied accounting and astronomy. i also went and got a pedicure. i went over to dylans to help him pack. then we went to my place and watched armageddon. his suggestion! then we went to sleep afterwards.

yesterday i had my astronomy and accounting finals. my astronomy test was so easy. when i got done with the tests i called my mom to tell her that i was finally done with school and she suggested coming home a day early. so she called jet blue to see if they had any seats availabe. they did. so i spent the day packing. i never realized how much stuff i have. dylan and i went too the pita pit to get something to eat. then him and derek helped me move my stuff down to my car. then dylan and i said our goodbyes. it was so sad. i was fine and then all of a sudden i got teary eyed. then so did he. he told me thank you so much for always being there. he also told me he envies the next guy that kisses me and who i go out with. it was so sad to see him go. i have had the best time with him this past year. i dont know when the next time that i will see him. inless he comes back to utah or i go to denver. so after he left i cleaned the apartment with my roommates. we got pizza. cleaning was actually fun with all of them and it went fast. at 9 i drove up to brandos place. then he took me to the airport. my flight left at midnight. i am at jfk right now waiting for my flight to rochester. jet blue has free wireless! i love it.

cant wait to see everyone!! :-)
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