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hnybee288 (profile) wrote,
on 4-28-2005 at 9:06pm
Wow this week has gone by fast!!!!! Tomorrow is Friday yesssssssssssss!!!! I think this has been one of the easiest weeks of school so far. And there r only like 28 more days let...yay :-)
Next week we r prolly gonna my pool and i cant wait. Its gonna be awesome and im gonna have Evan come over as much as he can. Im gonna get so dark....hey, y am i talking about the summer when it isnt even here yet??...woah, that was random....
Neways....Today in Biology we watched a movie and did some DNA class activity. In U.S. Studies we watched a movie and did some vocabulary. In cooking, my group got to eat what we made and i wanted to make a traditional marinade for the chicken but they wanted to make terryaki [spelling] and it was soooo grosse, there was wayyyyyyy too much ginger and i told them it wasnt gonna come out good. But do u think they would believe me?, of course not, im the more experienced one in cooking and they totally ignored me. They need to remember that Italians cook the j/p...well, actually im not...ha. Then in band we werent gonna play today but we got a surprised visit from the assistant principal and we were gonna be observed so we had to play :-( o well we dont have to play tomorrow cuz wind ensamble is going to apple blossem cuz a spot for them opened up. [not fair] So i think tomorrow is gonna be another easy day...fine with me. Later<333
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