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mle (profile) wrote,
on 4-28-2005 at 10:53pm
Current mood: . frustrated .
Music: . the december drive . this side you've never seen .
. keep biting that tongue .

wow i love this song.
so much so, that it's been played a full 100 times more than any other song on my computer...
i know, i have an addictive personality

"just scream out loud - i gave more"

lately i've been learning the artform of keeping quiet.
sometimes it works.
but mostly, it just drives me nuts.

"in time i'll know enough to know better"

i am a big fool for ever thinking there was ever any chance with you. and now, i have to endure an entire year of working closely, getting to know all those little intimate details about you. drooling over every perfect part of you... yet knowing there will never be a chance.
and it kills me.

"just breathe"

in so many ways, i want to keep hoping...

"make your choice now, but don't let this fade"

slap in the face. i just spent the past 40 minutes assuring you that you're doing a good job with the group, and she's just playing mind tricks with you. the entire time i was wondering "why doesn't he suggest we get together to talk?" because you were talking to her. and she confessed she's got the biggest crush on you.. just like everyone else in the group and on the face of the earth, apparently...

"but i'll keep holding on. i'll keep breathing. it shows that i can"

and i just got done making a big present for her... because i'm that nice. and comforting you... because i'm that nice.

"don't have the words to say to you"

*heart breaks*
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