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elektragamblin (profile) wrote,
on 4-29-2005 at 12:00am
Soooo, my homework that's due in like....15 minutes, is supposed to be me analysing myself and finding some fault that I myself have created by choosing to ignore a truth, or by convincing myself of another truth.

The problem is....I don't really see it as a fault, XD. But anyways...I figured I'd post it here since it's about me.


I have long prided myself on the ability to accept other people's ideals...I may not agree with them, nor like them, but I can accept that -they- believe in them. There is however, one problem with this. I can't accept people who cannot accept other people. Kinda dorky and totally cliche sounding, I know.
The people who walk around with their up-turned noses, classifying people by their clothes, by their hair, the color of their nails, the amount of make-up they use, and their social skills are the ones I can't stand. The people who believe that they alone matter, and if someone believes in something they don't, then they are disgusting, unworthy of simple walking space, or a moments silence without teasing, jesting, or even violence in a variety of cases. I can accept that someone likes to wear pink, but I cannot stand the person who believes that if you don't -like- to wear pink, you are an outcast. I can accept that someone would believe in a different religion, but I cannot accept that belief if they believe that their religion is absolute, and everyone who does not believe as they do will go to hell.
part of this purely seemingly unreasonable hatred comes from the people who I live around every day. The people you pass in the hall who comment at the top of their voices on what you're wearing that day, the one's that sit around in groups of posse, talking about all the people that they think are gross because of a hairpin, or a jacket that happens to have threads hanging off of it. They seem to believe that surrounding themselves with people who agree with their views somehow makes them right, and if someone laughs at their cruel comments, it gives them the right to think that way. I cannot even describe the pure disgust that rises in my throat at the very sight of those who proudly wear a "I'm a snob and don't care who knows it" sign written all over them.
Perhaps this is a fault of mine, perhaps it isn't, but I can certainly say without a doubt, that those who believe in thinking this way would certainly accuse me of being intolerant of other people's views. I can admitt that I am intolerant, that I could never, would never accept a view that forces itself upon everyone else around who does not share in that belief. Maybe it is all in the eye of the beholder. Some may be intolerant of my intolerance, others may share in my bias. Whatever way you classify it, it is still in nature, a biased opinion, though one could argue it's merit.

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