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court04 (profile) wrote,
on 4-29-2005 at 12:59am
Current mood: content
yesterday after getting picked up at the airport by my mom, dad and alicia, we went to friendly's...that was good. i missed that place! then we went back to their office. michelle stopped by with a friend to say hi. she looks different. then came home and slept for a little bit. then finally saw jesslin! i saw everybody up at tims for some poker. then came home and fell asleep.

today i woke up around 930. got ready and went into the city. met my mom at the office. then we went out to boston market. then we went to the mall. i got dressy black pants. then we stopped over at bree's house to say hi. saw my little cousins, i cant believe how big they have gotton! then we stopped at jenny's. her girls have gotten so big too. danielle who is a year in a half actually came to me. last time she was so shy. she looks just like my uncle. i couldnt believe it. then i went and picked up sky from lacrosse practice. i saw greg at the baseball game. we chatted for a few minutes. then came home and ate. then my mom and i went through my papers for london and packed all of my stuff. then everybody came over. i made a fire, jesslin and i went for a four-wheeler ride. some of the guys played baseball...after awhile we played poker. we had a bunch of people in the game. it was a looooong one though. good times. :-)
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