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chanel24 (profile) wrote,
on 4-30-2005 at 11:23pm
Current mood: calm
hey homies! dude i havent written in this for like a thousand years! well its been like a month but ive been too busy or tired to write in this! yeahh so i have to catch you up on all this shit ive been doing

christopher and i are good friends now! i love that kid! haha hes so fun! we're talking right now actually. haha he says the funniest shit all the time. i love talking with him (: even though he kept me up until i was like delerious last night haha. hes my chrissy mc pissy. um what else.. school sucks really bad haha umm i was close to failing math but i pulled a b! SCORE! gosh i hate donosaurus soo much! she rolls her eyes at me like allll the time! its so retarded! i often wonder how much trouble i would get in if i punched her in the face (: hahah. gosh this is going to be a boring entry because so much has happened i cant pick out the good stuff! OMG johanna lives in CT now ): omg it was the worst thing ever! i wanted to die without her ): gosh! shes coming back for the summer and is going to go to school her next year though! yay! haha geez i cant think of anything else to write in here! jeremy lives in reston now but he actually just came by randomly so we watched fight club and he took us to 7-11. woohoo. i kind of hate him but whatever, im not really mean to him so he cant tell. so anyways. cory and i are kind of.. i dont know. i dont know how he feels. he doesnt really talk to me anymore so i dont know whats going on. i still have a lot of feelings for him but i dont know what to do with myself because i want to be with him but i dont think he wants to be with me. bleh. it sucks but yeah. couple wise, mere and brandon are together and mike and molly arent! omg its so weird! they were so cute together! i feel so much for molly! we arent really as tight as we were in the beginning of the year so i would feel kind of awkward saying anything to her but i really just want to give her a damn hug ):

so im gonna try to start writing in this shit now so entries should start being a little more interesting. later kids (:
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