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charlessumnerthatsickfuck (profile) wrote,
on 5-2-2005 at 1:05pm
jessa's shower was gr8t. i won magnets for guessing her circumference, i was the closest next to marty. i was the only high school friend was nice to reminisce about skipping class with jessa, while her mother sat there with a disapproving expression. Their place is nice, their couch looks like a good place to loiter.
i'm going up to alpena the 20th to "eat out" a chiness buffet. A bunch of my "churchy" friends have devised this brilliant plan. It should be a fun road trip. i'm going to stop and see a couple of guys from my floor here on the way.
i found out my floor assignment for next year(as a peer leader)...4th flippin' floor. arrr. the 4th floor is a QUIET floor. not so good for me. i can't watch the boys play frisbee from that side of the building :(. so i was t.o.ed for like a minute then i started to look @ the bright side, river front view, you can see the breslin center, the stadium, and some wooded areas. there is a Nice breeze up there. best i'll have legs and buns of steel from walking up to the 4th floor multiple times a day. it'll be good. i know a bunch of people up
there already. meh.
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