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chanel24 (profile) wrote,
on 5-2-2005 at 6:08pm
Current mood: amused
Music: damn ipods charging!
Subject: hey homies
ugh well today was monday and it sucked mad balls! umm in spanish we went outside for the last like 15 minutes and i was freezing my ballss off! gosh that kid chris like stalks me now for some reason! i think its because im probably the only girl thats attractive that has ever given him the time of day. not that what i just said was the most conceited thing ever (: haha um math was cool as hell because i have my homie christian! haha ahh i love him to death! haha all we do is make paper airplanes called "the falconer" and shoot them everywhere. we're some badass kids (: ha then lunch was pretty cool and so i guess now cory isnt sitting next to me anymore..? or something..? ugh ok, so im even tired of going through this whole drama thing but whatever, it has to be said ): so i guess the deal is hes deciding to totally ditch me now for some reason? like he doesnt come to my locker anymore, doesnt sit with me at lunch, doesnt say hi to me in the hallways, doesnt IM me.. so officially i have no idea what is going on. like.. i dont even know my own feelings for him anymore because things have just gotten to retarded. honestly.. i dont want to care. but its kind of hard to do that just because he is a good friend of mine and apparently i cant be like him and just give up on someone in 5 seconds notice. i was talking to derek about it and he actually made me feel better because he and i were both saying like how i didnt see it when i shouldve and that i can do better but i dont know. im kind of tired of people telling me i told you so and how i can do better. i know what i want but i guess im just going to have to get over it. whatever, anyways. resource was ok i guess. nick and ryan were working together and we somehow got onto the subject where i was able to say "well i used to let you read my notes until you replaced me with hailey" and we got into it and ryan was just sitting there laughing and i didnt even plan on saying it but i just started revealing it so now i dont even know whats going on. then teen living was gay. & everyone keeps asking me if ryan and i are dating! goshh! i guess it must look a lot like we are because i get asked like 29823 times a day! i do love ryan like a son of a bitch but i havent really thought of him as a boyfriend but who the hell knows.

lmao! omg there is a big thing in the guys bathroom that says "i <3 jay" on in sharpie! lmao! all the guys starting coming up to me like 24/7 telling me about and now i want to f'ing see it! gosh! haha and apparently now more and more people have added things to it..? haha i dont know.. made me feel.. SPECIAL. haha<33 gosh all the girls must be so jealous to be in my position (: ha i want to go in there and add some stuff to it too! haha like "dude.. she gave me the herps!" or "damn that chicks got some SCABIES!" hahah gosh (: fabulous
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