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shiznit05 (profile) wrote,
on 5-2-2005 at 10:45pm
Current mood: tired
i almost forgot about this thing...

well it's been too long, and so much has happened...

back in march, we all went to scotland, had an amazing time, i would go back and relive it all in a heart beat...first day was hell though, being up for 36 hours, after finding out that grandpa had died...i was a wreck, i dont think ive cried so much, pretty much ever. i got the phone call and dad walked in and i was just sitting in the middle of the dining room floor crying into the phone. i didnt know what to do, i pretty much refused to go to scotland, but i guess grandpa had told grandma to make us go no matter what...we werent going to be missing anything while we were over there anyway...gah, i miss him.

school has been hectic. loads of crap are coming at me, and i dont understand half of it most of the time, but its ok. im still getting by. AP test is thursday and after that, im hoping that class just coasts...i really hate that class...i hate english, i dont know why i even bother half the a numbers person

track had been dandy...actually no. im not too thrilled with it. im not doing very well, and that's partially because of my toe/foot. im such a loser. but the season is winding down, and i only have about 2-3 weeks'll be sad to leave it, but it's time to close that chapter

prom is this weekend, and thats all anyone can talk included, im more open to talk about it too since i have a date and all ;) we're going to have the best group ever, no many people, but so many people that i enjoy being around :)

thats enough
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