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chanel24 (profile) wrote,
on 5-3-2005 at 4:46pm
Current mood: cold
Music: shake a leg
Subject: hey kids (:
today was a B day and it was alrightt i guess. i had english which was gay because i didnt have my retarded bibliography because i didnt have the book i got it all from so i really couldnt do it. and it was just gay. then i had science which was pretty fun and easy.
then i had gym (: lmao i love gym! haha we ran the mile.. mer.. it suckedd. my score was less than impressive (: haha and it was FREEZING so tiffany stole sharples sweater and gave it to us so we were just laying it across our legs and on the way inside em and i both fit into it so we were walking around like that and getting in peoples way the whole time (: hahah it was so fun! too bad it was like mega-stretched by the end of class.. heh whoops!
civics was ok i guess. it was really easy today which was a plus.

lmao on the way back from lunch, i was with em, tiff, and kayla at the lockers in B and there were like HUGE GRANNY disgusting feminie hygiene products stuck to the lockers! lmao! it was disgusting and HILARIOUS! so i took one and stuck it on my shirt and then rubbed it on pete's face and then stuck it on tiff's locker but then em and i were like "shit dont want to get blamed for this.." so we stuck it back where we got it and later i found out that they were mere's! lmao! hahah molly and sarah went in her locker and put them everywhere in her locker and then stuck them on lockers (: hahah it was soo hot! jeez my school is hot..
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