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Kimmay2007 (profile) wrote,
on 5-4-2005 at 12:14am
Current mood: tired
Music: Lynyrd Skynyrd- Mississippi Queen
well sunday night i stayed the night at Keshia's home and so did Shaina and Tabby but tabby dont like us to well cause she went to bed really early.... then we got up the next day (monday) and went to Roberts viewing it was really sad.... and i felt like i was gonna cry the whole but it was like i dont have any tears left anymore... if that makes any since at all.... well then we went to the truck stop after the veiwing and got some chips cause i was really hungery and so was Keshia so basically we just ate Chips..... but yeah at the truck stop Aaron (my cousin) attacked my shiny shoes and said he could cause hes always mean to me anyways..... Mean ol Aaron lol.... well then we droped Tabby off and then went back to Keshia's and Shaina left shortly after we got there....... then me and Keshia ate beans........ and was watching some gay movie with Kenny.. then we went to Keshia's room and was watching the same gay movie and i was trying to sleep while she was talking to Jacob but it didnt work out to well cause mom came to get me..... so then mom tryed talking to me on the way home but i still didnt really want to talk about it.... so i was quiet most of the time and she talked.... then when i got home all i wanted to do was go to my room and think..... so i did and i ended up going to sleep... and woke up at like 11 and was really hungry so i ate something Grace had fixed which wasnt as nasty as it looked lol.... then i got on here for a while a fought with Chris cause he is Gay and feels the need to lie to me about dating Rae Rae..... i mean it dont bug me that he is dating her so he dont have to lie and say they are "just talking" cause i know better......... im guessing he dont care about her all to much or he would have actually told me they was still dating... but hey what do i know......... well then he got mad at me so i went to bed cause i was tired of it......... welped i ended up sleeping in moms room cause i was bored and wasnt tired yet so i figured i could wake her up and talk for a bit lol.......well then as i was talking i feel asleep..... Then this morning i didnt want to get up at all........ even tho i slept all day monday i was still tired lol......... but yeah i ended up getin up and going to school and in 1st we did nothing really a Test which i got a 100% on by the way i was proud lol..... then in 2nd we didnt do much..... we got told to stop talking about Robert that we should move on or something like that..... ticked me off Cause Mrs Shaw had no right to say it........ wel then at lunch we all had to stand outside and Keshia Price made a new friend lol cause i thru her shoe cause she tryed to Kick me and her friend brought it back to her lol then asked Mel for gum later.......... hes gonna be a life long friend.............. then in 3rd i actually did my work.... once again i was proud of myself today lol.... then in 4th Mama Pyles yelled at me and told me she was calling mom .... she never did but oh she said she was lol......... welps then after i got home i watched some tv and took a small nap and got up at like 4:30 or so cause mom called and i had to talk to her and then i almost was comfy and Grace called so i said screw it and got up and went down to the pigs and they was being as lazy as ever........ welps then i came back up to the home and got back to the couch and mom walked in the door and then Grace came.... and Grace sat on me.. Mean grace.... and she was yelling at me cause i was touching her... it was funny cuase i was just touching her cause it was getin on her nerves welps then i went out on the 4wheeler to help mom with a fire thing which didnt burn i might add..... then me and her went for a walk to that old house and she STOLE some flowers from there and coal on the way back........ shes a theif lol......... then i watched a movie on lifetime called "A mothers worse fear" or something like that it was pretty good.... then i came in here and talked to Meat and now i actually know what im doing on the day of prom YAY lol and then i went to shower and now here i am updating at 12:14am lol..... but now im going to bed so Much love and God Bless
Kimberly Dawn
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