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chanel24 (profile) wrote,
on 5-4-2005 at 8:01pm
Current mood: tired
i just woke up and its.. 8. im so rediculously tired. i dont feel good at all ): my throat hurts really bad and my nose is running. i feel like total hell. i have a lot of shit to do for school tomorrow too and im like stressed out. ugh i just want school to be over for a while so i can have a break. school has been wearing me out so much lately.

today was an A day and spanish was pretty ok, we went to the computer lab and it wasnt bad. i got to sit next to peter! haha i love him<33 um math was pretty cool i guess lunch was good resource was really good because nick was being really nice to me and it made me feel better and im glad he got where i was coming from. i love that boy soo much! i just like talking to him. he is a cool boy (: teen living was good. we made these like cinnamon things which were pretty good with orange smoothie and i had to like jug mine it was hot (: haha jared was in my group and it was fun.

ok well i need to go figure out what to do with myself about homework and being a sick hoe and ugh everythingg.. damnit ): this is so not the time for me to be getting sick.
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