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1010101 (profile) wrote,
on 5-5-2005 at 10:40pm
Current mood: content
Hmm, well, I just managed to read through 17 chapters of my western history textbook (The initialization of the Rennaissance to the end of the Cold War), and accordingly I'm feeling rather ready for the AP test tomorrow. Since it's in the afternoon and I generally sleep through my first three hours anyways, I figured I'd sleep in tomorrow and show up at school around 11, get in some review time, and then take this bastard of a test around 11:30.

Not that anyone probably cares so much, but I was feeling rather proud of my last minute blitzkrieg of studying.

Life has been fairly interesting lately, and I certainly can't complain about it. School has been winding down nicely, my stories have been steadily growing. Physically I'm now in better shape then I've ever been (yeah, I know that's probably not saying much, but it is true).

I've been thinking a good deal about what is going to happen to us all after graduation. It's kind of bizarre. I know we'll pretty much all be staying in Michigan, and I'm sure we'll all be in touch some way or another, but I've become acquainted with the inevitable, lamenteable fact that I'm probably not going to keep in touch with all of you once we all head off to college. I know that some of us will drift from the old "group" (hell, in some ways that's already happened). Still, I know there are a few of you that I will certainly keep in touch with.

Still, aside from all of you whom I have had the great honor and pleasure of calling my friends, I think I'm actually going to miss this town a good deal. There really isn't anything to do here, and virtually nothing seems to happen, yet, Rockford is really just like another friend of mine that I've lived around (or rather in) all my life. I can recall all the changes it has gone through, much like the changes I have undergone. It's almost a living breathing entity that grows with age just like any of us. I can still remember when that shopping mall didn't exist near it, and when the corner bar was a rotten dive of a hole in the wall, or before there were brick crosswalks, when that old crummy (but rather scenic) bridge used to go by the dam, oh, yeah and I remember back when if someone said "let's meet at the ice-cream shop" you didn't get confused and go to the wrong one and wind up walking across town to get to the other one.

Aye, but all my ramblings of nostalgia aside, I really will miss this place and all the times we've had together, but until then, let us all have one hell of a summer.

(Erm, and yes I realize I'm a week or two, maybe even three ahead of myself here, but at least I'm updating again)

Va con dios mis amigos buenos
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