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Melindy (profile) wrote,
on 2-8-2003 at 6:06pm
Subject: Beep.
Well, I went to see Footloose last night. And yes, Charlie was there, but not with me. He was with his family, and I was with Melissa and my mom, and that is the last time Melissa gets to go because she wanted to roam around and I really wanted to stay with Charlie, but oh well....I get to see him tomorrow! Yay! Jessica does too, she's gonna go. She wants to meet Charlie, if only because I go on and on and on about him, which I do, so I dont blame her for being curious. But OMG, I came home from Mia's dance thing, and I see AJ and his friend mopping a soaking kitchen was horrible, the toilet close to my room overflowed (thanks to AJ) and it leaked through the ceiling and spread for probably half an hour alllll over the house. And the bathroom upstairs, and my closet! Its rediculous, and now we have these loud and obnoxious fans blowing, and they have to for days, and I wont be able to sleep at all which means I will look a mess tomorrow and will probably not do as good at my solo as I could if I had gotten more rest. And I'm already tired, I have a headache, and my elbow hurts like no other...dont mess with me. Yet I'm still pretty happy...just kinda hungry at the moment though, we cant leave to eat anywhere, and the kitchen is basically inhabitable for the time being....oh well..

Just thought I would update you on the goings-on at my house! Hope your day is going better than mine....

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