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greenpixiestix (profile) wrote,
on 5-6-2005 at 4:19pm
Music: Bouncing Souls - Say Anything
It's been awhile. And don't start singing that song.

Semester's been shitty. Grades are decent, though. I've dated around a bit - one guitarist, one Bruce Lee super fan, one deer-hunting dude, and a total geek. The geek is the only one with any potential.

He's not good-looking, but he's kind of adorable - tall and clumsy. He has perfect hands, an awesome voice, and a nice mouth. He's incredibly smart, fairly blunt, and in need of a haircut. He wants to dye his hair blue. Adorable. Now, here's the bad part. He's leaving once he graduates from his lovely prestigious school, because he's not from this area, and then he's going off to a wonderfully prestigious law school. Also, I think I'm attracted to the idea of him, and not him. Who wouldn't want a smart, decent guy who has an awesome future and seems like he'd treat you well? I don't know, but I'll say that I didn't feel "the spark" that the Descendents were singing about. He's not rocker-like at all, so our musical tastes don't align. Also, I'm a little offended that he thinks that I "act like a girl too much for [his] taste", but that he still thought I was attractive enough to want to date me. Ah well. Obviously nothing's going to happen, so it's fine. I'll wait until I see the BHB again, and maybe I'll finally have the courage to ask him out, or at least to a concert.

"So now you wait for his spark. You know it'll turn you on." Yeah. I am waiting for that spark from a guy who looks like trouble.
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