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kiwi (profile) wrote,
on 5-7-2005 at 8:14pm
Current mood: beautiful
Music: Radio station
Subject: Shallowness
So this is a kind of shallow post, but hey, what they hell. Why not?
Ok So I recently got my extremely long hair (down to my butt) cut to about my chin. At first I thought I was cutting off my best asset, but I like me with my short hair and my firends (who have seen it so far) like it too. Oddly though, one of my friends said that now guys would be lining up to go out with me. Could my long hair have made me look worse? I've loved it for so long. I don't know. of course she's my friend and she over loosk my age, and some problems I find with myslef, because she's nice. Hehe. I wish i could post a picture of myself so i could see if guys think i'm hot, oh yes that's something I would do, put up a poll asking of my hot factor hehehe.
True I've had my eye on a guy since like the first week of school, which is sad because the most I've done is say hi adn intorduce myslef... god I can talk to any boy in school but him. I kinda wish he would approach me, but he doesn't seem like that kind of guy. Damn me and my prefrences. Not to mention he's a junior. Maybe my new hair will lure him. that would be nice. Actaully I'll have more time for clothes and makeup now with less hair. That could be cool. Argh. I ahte being shallow like this. I did have a dream in which he totally was flirting with me. But it was a fantasy, not a prophacy, but a girl can wish.
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