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neverending (profile) wrote,
on 5-9-1996 at 5:23am
Current mood: cheerful
Music: i saw the sign.??
Subject: its getting better all the time...
well, today was good as far as my mmods go.we all get new cells this week and out the home phone,getting hi speed,and lifes improving as far as material things so very happy for lifelong dream is to go on a mission trip.i alwasy thought that if i didnt get into the college of my choice(s). i would go and be a missionary.its scary at times,but someones has to do it. well my starting over thing is working well thus far. i have been watching my tongue and being kind to everyone.i have been meaning to email jay and sammie but havent yet. i will tomorrow i think when i have a a little bit more of a think. this kid asked me out today. it was weird . it woke me up. i keep thinking that jay and i are just seperated and that soon i will run to him with hugs and kisses, but alas that is not hasnt fully sunk in yet.but anyways, i said no of course its much too soon and i dont really like him like was a rude awakining kind of thing.
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