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love4skate (profile) wrote,
on 5-10-2005 at 8:41am
Current mood: angry
Music: got a single silver bullet shot right through my heart... to prove i cant survive without you.
Subject: poop.
i was in a great mood this morning.. cuhz me and alison listened to this mix CD on the bus.. :) and we were happy and jumping around and yeah. but then i got into computer and britt said something and i didnt get mad at her... it made me think. i dont know. maybe i shouldnt take it seriously.. but if thats what she thinks then maybe shes right. now im in a poopy mood. :\ britt i know your going to read this. dont be mad and dont feel bad about what you said.. cuhz hey you're probably right.. and i hate for you to be right on something such as this.. but hey truth hurts. and i'll get over it. thanks for the honesty though. :) i love you very much. well anyways, this bitch decides to take me and alisons seat this morning on the bus.. im like WTF ?! little bitch. i mean if she didnt talk shit to robin.. then i wouldnt really care.. but shes deffinetly not on my list of cool kids. i dont even know why she sits where we do. we all talk shit about her and her friend.. so whats the point ? if your bus talks shit about you... LEAVE GODDAMNIT ! she gets put to shame.. i tell you what . :) but its really funny. anyway, im having an alright day.. im not wearing a shirt under my jacket.. and alicia and alex said that they're going to pull the zipper down before the end of the day.. so im trying to get a shirt lol . oh well. oh and dont ask why i didnt wear a shirt lol. i felt like being free....? lol. well im gunna go. gotta read britts journal :)
catch you guys later.

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i love thiss kidd.... !!!!

ill breathe you in
i won't let you down
i won't hold your back
i won't make a sound
i know what scared you the most
being alone
just like them
being alive
feeling so... dead
at least you'll have my... heart
you know you shine so bright

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