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SpeLLbound11 (profile) wrote,
on 5-10-2005 at 3:34pm
Current mood: complacent
Well, not really much to say. Today was a long day, now that schools out all i have to do is watch family matters, step by step, boy meets world, than full house. YEAAA, a lot time on my hands to think, and I did to much of it. My head and heart hurt now lol. The past year ive learned a lot about myself, I have a lot of flaws that I really need to work on. AH well, hopefully i get some help from the man up stairs. Ive been stupid, thats all im going to say. Anyway...i had a nice cigar taste in my mouth this morning, it was nice let me tell you. I brushed my teeth yesterday after i took a few puffs, but still it was there this morning. I cant imagine what full time smokers go through every morning. I bet its a wonderful aroma lol.....i dont see me doing it again for a long time. Althought the peach tasted very nice. Well ima go now, ill update later. later everybody
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