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lovethehibiscus (profile) wrote,
on 5-10-2005 at 9:40pm
Current mood: alright
Music: combat baby - metric
Subject: portal to the sun (repost from lj)
how i remember
barely wild grass between my toes
and the sun kissing my face as i lay
watching the clouds amble 'cross the bluest sky

i loved how the world was my stage
myself being all the actors
today a secret agent, tomorrow a vampire
yet never the damsel in distress for i was always the valiant hero

i miss the feeling of tree bark against my bare feet
and the smell of coming rain as i sat on the highest tree branch
the 5 second heartattack as i leapt from the tree
smiling, accomplished as i landed on my two feet

i loved how when the sun set
that my world was one in a hue of shimmering gold
what a concoction of emotion; the beauty of the ending day
and the knowing that it was time to go in
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