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dazed (profile) wrote,
on 5-10-2005 at 9:12pm
Alright, so quite a lot has happened since I last wrote. Parker and I went and saw Sin City together the weekend after I got back from Arizona. We went to ionia first and then when to Celebration. Then last week like.. monday Parker picked me up and we went to Rookies in Lowell. I had never been to a Comic book store and I met the infamous Jack (x-box man). We were there till about 5 30 and then he took me home. He asked if I wanted to go to his apartment but I had to make chili and then go to my brother's house. He ended up not going that night because his cousin was over. Then, this past saturday, I called jared to see what he was up to and he said he was going to a comedy thing that night but Parker wasn't doing anything (parker was with him) and he told me to call him. So I did and we decided to go to Rookies because.. it was Free Comic Book Day! He ended up picking me up before he got his hair cut and James (my cousin , his good friend) met us there because his wife was cutting Parker's hair. James and Tiffany end up going with us to Rookies, but on the way there we drive by the bank and Parker says you know the girl at the bank? well, I don't care about her anymore and I go why? and he says that he asked someone about her and she's bad news. I was like.. oh. I had a slight idea then that I wasn't "john's little sister" anymore because he knows I like him. Anyways, we stayed at Rookies until around 4:30 and then we had to drop off James and Tiffany. On the way back Parker said something about Lasagna and a movie. I wasn't sure if he included me or not so I didn't really say anything but they agreed. After he drops them off for their meeting we go to his apartment and he says that he has to wash his car. So we get quarters and go wash his car. That was loads of fun :|. No it really wasn't that bad though. Anyways... We end up going to his apartment. During that time I thought he would have taken me home but he didn't. So obviously I was to stay at his place for dinner. We ended up picking up a bit, playing trivia, watching extra credits on Star wars, watching movie trailors, umm.. hanging out and watching Spiderman 2. About 8 o'clock we still hadn't heard from James or Tiffany so we walked to Leppinks and I bought some pop. When we got back James and Tiffany finally called at about 10 they were at the store so Parker decided to do the dishes real quick. I eventually helped haha. So, Tiffany made the lasagna and we started to watch National Treasure. The movie was pretty good and got over at like 1 30 and right after that James and Tiffany left. So, it was just Parker and I. I figured he would take me home but he ended up going into his bedroom. I was scared to follow so I went on the computer and it took him a while. So... I went in and he was laying on his bed face first. This was another little hint. If he really wanted to sleep, he would have taken me home. Not gone into his room and lured me in there. I end up sitting down and looking at a yearbook not knowing what to do. But he started curling around me and then I knew that.. you know something might happen. He ends up getting up and I lay on the bed and he comes back and lays on the bed with me. Except.. we're as far apart as possible. Haha... yeah. Pathetic and very freshman. Anyways, we're talking and stuff like that and then we start to get closer as the night progresses. He was flattering me and I was flattering him. So we were cuddling and stuff like that and I asked him what he wanted to do and he was like, whatever you want to do. I have to have permission to do whatever you want. I was like oh.. and he's like yeah I'm shy I'm way shy. So, that was a hint to me that I have to make the first move. So I said you and then that I was just kidding and I said kind of... haha. Then he said oh don't worry I feel exactly the same way. so at that point I knew that something was going to happen. We're cuddling and I finally decide. I have to kiss him because he's too chicken to kiss me. I kinda roll him over and get on top of him and he smiles. I lean forward and think.. if he leans up to kiss me after I've kissed him then obviously he wants this and that i should pursue it after tonight, if he doesn't.. then I shouldn't care anymore. So I kiss him. We kiss and then a few seconds later I pull away. Now, not aonly does he lean all the way up to kiss me but he puts his hand on me as well. The rest of the night is us kissing and me finally being able to drive his car which he lets no one drive. I didn't end up walking into my house until 6 18 am on sunday morning. I had been with him from oh.. 1 pm saturday until then. When I got out of his car I told him we sould do this again sometime and he said yeah, next time I won't be as tired. Soo, how about that. Something that I have literally dreamed about has come true. I'm the most happy that I have ever been in my entire life. What a great thing. I get to see him tomorrow and then next wednesday and thursday for sure. Maybe sometime in between now and then too. I can only hope.
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