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love4skate (profile) wrote,
on 5-11-2005 at 8:22am
Current mood: cheerful
Music: hawthorne heights.
Subject: poop.
robin called me yesterday for the first time. i didnt tell him to or anything. :) i talked to him for like an hour. then i had to go to work. i was at work for like and hour then i called him and he wasnt home. :\ me and ben had a heart to heart. it was nice. he was gunna let me drive his car a ways home.. but i didnt feel like it. so poop. got home last night ... ate . my mom told me she saw billy,bryan, and alicia when she went to get the food. billys the one that has to talk to my mom about us hanging out this summer. cuhz hes in college. hes a sophomore now :) ive been having weird dreams about him and other people lately. its weird. and i had a dream about a bunch of weird stuff last night.. and its all been happening so far today.. im like whoaaa. thats freaky as a bit. i let jon use my phone yesterday starting in 4th per. and he would give it back after 6th per. i gave it to him so we could text. :) well after 6th per. hes like ill give it back to you at the end of 7th. so im like ok. so i used brittanys phone to talk to him. then after 7th i couldnt find him. so i used alisons phone to call him and hes like im in overflow. im like WTF?! im on the bus. and hes like ill give it back tomorrow. im like w/e. so he better have it.. or i swear to god. its dead i bet. cant wait to see the lovely pictures he took with it. lol. oh well.. i love that kid.. so it dosent matter. well... i have nothing else to say at the moment. catch you guys later.

guess what the bands and the songs are.

swim through these waters
my lungs collapse as im gasping for air
ill breathe you in
you are my oxygen alone.

the taste of ink is getting old
its four o clock in the fucking morning
each day gets more and more like the last day
still i can see it coming.

cant make this right
you see on my face
that im not gonna be alright
not tonight
you can read all my letters
but that wont mean things are fine
not this time
cause you gave away
all the secrets of you and i.

so scream i heard about your message
and how it reeked of your indifference
it bleeds horizontal straight from your wrist
im bound to come around about
but cant you cant you feel it rolling off your lips
tensing up your shoulders
cmon say it is.

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