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chanel24 (profile) wrote,
on 5-12-2005 at 6:28pm
Music: fall out boy
today was thursday. pretty chill for the most part. i had spanish which was pretty normal. lmao GUESS WHO MY PARTNER WAS, RUBEN! lmao or chris in english but whatever. i was like omgg you are fucking kidding me! haha so anyways we played some spanish game and thats about it. um then it was math which was pretty fantastic with christian as normal! lmao omg i have a 64 in math.. fuckk.. haha god damnit i cannot wait til this year is over and i dont have to worry about all this grade shit. gosh. ok so anyways then lunch was pretty ok i guess. omg danielle's dad called the school and danielle had to go talk to him and so i guess what the deal was that dani's brother has been pretty sick but they just thought it was strep so he went and had some tests and he has some heart disease thats really fatal! i was like omgg! danielle was crying bad and i hugged her and i just wanted to like hug her forever ): omg it was the saddest thing ever! so then it was resource. and i stayed for a while and then i was like "damnit i mine as well get spanish over with" because ive been skipping it for about 20 years. meh. so i went and got this test that took for fucking everr it was rediculous! haha but she let me and jenny go to the library for it so that took pretty much the whole time. then i came back and chilled for a little while more. then teen living was pretty fun (: lmao having bitch fights with anna and pat at our table lmao it was hot! omg anna SLAYED me with this pencil thing.. omg i have like a severed arm. gosh.

mk so im talking to ryan and he was like "i dont think nick likes you anymore" and i was like yeah i dont either, why. and he said that at the buses i was just standing with everyone as normal and as normal nick would be all over danielle and um so ryan and i were just talking and i was like "ok im gonna go, later" and so i started walking away but ryan and i were just like smiling and laughing at eachother while i was walking away and i know nick was there and i didnt think anything of it at the time but he was like staring at me so anyways ryan was like "so after you left, nick was talking to me saying that you were bitchy and i questioned him and he was like well i dont know" so now im like what the hell. like that freaking upsets me cause nick is my good friend and i dont understand what the hell i did that would make him talk shit about me behind my back. ): ugh. i was telling ryan that you know hes only started acting retarded just because ever since he told me that he likes me and i didnt jump in his pants that second that hes gonna be a whore now. ugh. i dont even know.

CHANEL ladii (6:27:18 PM): i do not understand nick at all. he has such high standards about girls that arent even realistic

i mean that pretty much says it. he really does have REDICULOUS expectations its soo retarded. i mean it didnt used to bother me but its like.. all he cares about. and i new he was pissed at me or something cause he was all over fucking hailey as normal and that upsets me in 2 completely different ways because HAILEY HAS A BOYFRIEND! and i freaking love jimmy i think of him like my little brother and ugh that just really pisses me off that she does that to him behind his back. like.. wtf. i dont know well now im in a bad mood. why the hell do i get stuck with all this damn boy drama?! jesuss.
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