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browniedmissj (profile) wrote,
on 5-13-2005 at 10:21pm
Subject: nothin
The story the Glass Menagerie tells about a family of three living in St. Louis during the late 1930ís. This paperback is written as a play and the main characters are Tom and Laura, who are siblings, and Amanda who is their mother. Laura is a slightly disabled young woman who tends to allow her small deformity holds her back from a lot of thing. She gave up school because of her problem and Amanda didnít make her situation any better. Amanda, being in her younger years a vivacious young woman, thinks of Laura as a failure. Laura is treated this way because she isnít perusing her motherís dreams for her to be the wonderful lady she invasions. Amanda soon picks up a job selling newspapers.

Tom is busy paying most of the living expenses and trying to earn some extra time to enjoy his youth. Tom and Amanda often bicker about Tom not making the best use of his time. During an argument he accidentally knocks over a shelf that has Lauraís loved Glass Menagerie enclosed inside. After making up with his mother, Tom brings home his friend Jim Oí Connor for Laura to meet. Little do Tom and Amanda know but Laura attended school with Jim and had a crush on him (the only boy she liked). Laura meets Jim at the door and is too embarrassed to enjoy his company, the meal or her motherís instinctive flirtatious actions. Laura and Jim later talk and enjoy each otherís conversation enough for Jim to kiss Laura. Jim apologizes with kind words of wisdom that exert confidence into Laura. He admits to having a fiancťe. Amanda manages to get a few rude and very blunt phrases for Mr. OíConnor to take with him. Tom eventually leaves his mother and sister behind a while later as Tom finishes up his familyís story.
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