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xThisTimeImperfectx (profile) wrote,
on 5-14-2005 at 10:50am
Subject: omg
So last night was DEFINATELY Friday the 13th.

School was fine. After school..

Steph, Chase, Scott, and I walked home from school. We split up by the over pass. Chase and Scott, to scott's house, and Steph and I to the library.

The library was okay. Nothing really happened there. We soon left the library and went to Dunkin Donuts were we had a cigarette. We finished, and went back to the library. Stayed for a few minutes, and when we got out, Andrea was there.

Andrea and Steph went to go change for the show, and I went to my house to change for it.

I put on makeup, fishnets, a skirt, and platforms, and then I called them. They said they'd call back and then I was all eh okay. And then I decided to call andrea 30 minutes later. While waiting for them, Sakura called. I feel bad I just had to hang up suddenly when I saw Andrea's car pull up.

So Andrea's mom drove us to Steph's house where we had to RUN to catch a train and we missed it because I was in platforms. Andrea said it was her fault but I blamed it on myself.

So, I had a cigarette and we waited. I did Andrea's makeup, and then Steph called her mom to pick us up to take us to the show. So she did, and in the car I did Steph's makeup.

So we got to the show, and everything was going great. We moshed a bit, smoked and bit. And then we went back upstairs from smoking to listen to My Only Hope. I got some pictures, but Im way too lazy.

So after they finished...we went downstairs for another cigarette. As we were smoking it Steph's mom walks in. It went kinda like this:


So we put out the cigarettes and run upstairs with her. We had a long talk about it, and she was only there because Andrea's mom found out where she actually was. Steph's mom was actually /cool/ about the smoking thing though. THANK DAVEY.

We drove Andrea to where her mom was and Steph's mom drove us back to the show. We stayed up for the last band and then we went down for another cigarette. This is when I got smoke in my eyes and teared uncontrollably. xD It was pretty funny.

Then we left, got lost and some guy gave us a ride home.

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