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kreyz (profile) wrote,
on 5-19-2005 at 12:33am
Current mood: loved
Music: HIM - Razorblade Romance
I know I can't stop listening to that CD but it makes me think of Morgan so damn much, and I need that to continue my day.

But this is my first attempt at free verse, so i'll give it a try.

This loneliness seems like forever.
Never having a chance at love.
Stuck in this darkness for eternity
Until you came along.

Light has been shed on this darkness
My heart feels heavy at every thought of you
My heart beating at a rapid pace
Adrenaline Rush at the thought of you

You complete me, dearly, and I love the feel
That there is someone out there who loves me
I want this to last forever
This will last for both our sakes

What is there to think of this?
I know deep inside that she is the one
Nothing can stop this ecstatic feeling
Even as I long for her touch, so far away.

I close my eyes at night
And visions swim inside my head.
Visions that are as clear as day
Visions that are obviously our future

A night-black suit and a pearl-white dress
A Hotel room for a night to rest
A future that both of us shall build
With more than eachother in our lives

Growing old in eachothers arms
Watching our children grow up quickly
So supportive are we to them
As they also grow up happy.

Sitting in rocking chairs with grey in our hair
Together forever, even until our deaths
Growing old together never felt so good
Until we are rejoined forever in Shangri-La.

I hope that this is considered free verse. If not, then hey, I would have to say that it was fun to write, and I wrote this especially for Morgan. I love you, Morgan, baby.

-Peace n Chicken Grease

Kreyz McKormik
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