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twiztidclown (profile) wrote,
on 5-20-2005 at 5:51pm
WHATS UP EVERYONE?!?! well no one , lol no one reads any of this so its pointless to type but hey im bored. i havnt been on here in months and months. i have a great drafting job now for Verizon and its sweet as hell an pays great. i had to move out of indy though to noblesville . thats just north of indianapolis. idk how long im going to stay though its a good job but i may have better things going for me else where and i may be moveing to another state again. really not much is new i work and i live my life. i got a new car and its fast and suped up. soon to get a paint job and body kit put on it too. life down here is treating me pretty good for the most part, recently broke up with one of my gf's bc she was a inconsiderit bitch. but its all good bc i still have my other one lol. always have a backup ppl... ALWAYS. well thats all i really have to say for now i guess ill be back in like 4-5 months again lol.
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