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kiwi (profile) wrote,
on 5-20-2005 at 8:41pm
Current mood: sleepy
Music: Weezer
Subject: punk rock style
There is no such thing as sometimes dresses like a punk. Punk is not a style of clothing. I'm not punk, don't mistake that, I realized that a while ago. but you can't just dress a certain way and say your dressing punk. Punks are punk because of the SUB-CULTURE! It's not a style or a cry for help, it's a sub-culture, like being a goth. it pisses me off when people say their style is a mix of everything, punk, preppy, ghetto, whatever. becuase I stand by my believe that by it's definition punk cannot be popular so what veryone is hailing as punk adn is 'cool' is an imitation (it really is, I've heard the popular punk music and then the underground stuff, ad it very different) So It's also not a 'style' sure punks usually dres in a certain wayand you cna then define them by that, but if you're wearing a shirt that says 'punk princess' or 'pretty in punk' you probably aren't a punk, you might be but probably not. It's not that I have anythign against peopel dressing like that, I did somethign similar last year, before I got too lazy for all teh jewerly and the trouble a chain made. BUT it wasn't a style it might have been an imitation, but I don't think punks even have style (no offense) I mean, isn't that kind of against what they're for, you know lack of capatalism... so why woudl they be getting 'stylish' punk clothes? whatever... jsut don't do it around me...

Oh and i hate kindergoths... they jsut look lik posers... can't they mature into better goths faster?
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