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firefromash (profile) wrote,
on 5-22-2005 at 11:13am
I wonder how many of these freshman actually KNEW him.. as in FRIENDS and hung out together and stuff. cause idk.. it seems like everybodys overreacting.. but then again, I don't know how their relationship was with him.. but it seem sEVERY girl that's a freshman is like.. really upset about this.. and you couldn't have all known him. it's funny how girls freak out about someone's death.. even if they didn't really know them.. and guys don't as much. It's not FUNNY... it's just weird. nothing to laugh about. and I'm NOT saying this is no big deal.. someone died.. it's a huge deal, don't get me wrong. Just saying my feelings about this whole thing.. cause it's a journal... and that's what you do in journals.. so don't attack me for my thoughts.
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