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love4skate (profile) wrote,
on 5-23-2005 at 8:22am
Current mood: okay
Music: country shit in saads.
Subject: poop.
well..i have a new love interest. his name is jeremy azinger ! i love that kid so much. hes awesome. :) my friend sir patrick ryan swazy george likes me..but i dont like him like that. he said he was kinda sad when i told him how i felt. but hes still really awesome. :) ill post pictures when i actually get on my computer. lol. ive been on it like once all week. brittanys keeping me busy :) we have to study for exams tonight and tomorrow and wednesday night. this is crazy. why do we have exams the last 4 days of school? 1. you cant concentrate. 2. we shouldve had exams last week so we could have fun this week. 3. we need to get together with friends..and have yearbook signing. i know a few people that are moving. which totally sucks. amanda, : \ im gunna miss her verrry much. but me and her will hang out over summer :)) well im gunna go do idea what..but something lol. catch you later.

cant make this right
you see on my face
that im not gonna be alright
not tonight
you can read all my letters
but that wont mean things are fine
not this time
cause you gave away
all the secrets of you and i
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