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sherriffsteve (profile) wrote,
on 5-23-2005 at 5:23pm
Uh, yup. haven't said much for a while, but I guess I've not had much to say. It's kind of funny reading everyone else's journals. wondering what you guys were thinking when you wrote what you wrote. It's kind of weird to say that I know what your saying, and really understand what you were saying. I can't believe the seniors are graduating in 4 days that makes me happy for them. I remember when I graduated, which was last year. It was so exhilerating and exciting, I had no idea what to expect. But then a year passed and here I am, sitting at a computer trying to tell the rest of you to enjoy it while you can. It really is an adventure. Life I mean. Just to look back at all the things I been through, all the places I've been and all the people that has walked across my path is just amazing. I would not change this life for anything. And I'm not saying this because I've gotten everything I've wanted. Most of you know that I am on the way other side of the spectrum when it comes to that. I just chose to except life the way that it was. and I could not be more happy. You only get one life, so live it to the fullest. I love working at a daycare and for that very reason. I have a chance to impact kids life. Not just with sharing with them the love of Jesus. But being there for them when they get hurt or when the cry being able to comfort them. Being in highschool, I spent so much time trying to find that comfort for myself. Trying to crawl into someone's lap and feel loved. now that I think about it, everyone one else is looking for the same thing. But life really started to take it's drastic turn when I realized that there is nothing that God wants more than to hear us call Him daddy and to crawl up into His lap. If only more of us could realize this.
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