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nightshade666 (profile) wrote,
on 5-23-2005 at 7:08pm
So Jordan called me crying because she got in a fight with her mom, I'm on the phone. Mike decides to use his dial-up internet while I'm on the mother fucking phone to I guess find a girl to fuck in a random chat room like her did before and kicks me off the phone. So I use the phone a few times and kick him off the internet. He comes up and starts bitching about me not needing to use the phone and the computer at the same time so I remind him that we have cable internet for a reason and he responds with a "that's not what I asked."
Fuck him.
So, I've made a decision. I'm trying to find an apartment, not that for from work, or even a house. I'll get a house and have some people live there with me and pay rent to me which I'll use as house payment. It'll be roomier then an apartment with less regulations and neighbors.
Oh, and anyone who wants to vandalize something feel free to come up here and smash up his trucks or key them or something. Don't worry, even if I have nothing to do with it he'll blame me anyways.
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