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Melindy (profile) wrote,
on 2-9-2003 at 1:16pm
Hiii. Well, guess what? We're staying in a hotel because the fans in the house are so noisy. And Charlie didnt go to Sunday school today, I was so sad. :( Jessica was too, she didnt get to meet him...

EEEEE we just called him and he's gonna go to youth tonight, but he's a party pooper because he's not gonna go to the choir thing later today. I'm still going though because they are an awesome choir. I think I'll take dad's video camera with me and record it because its just so awesome. Yay! I love their performances. But blah. I'm glad I get to see him tonight though! YAY!!!!!

Ok I'm done now. I'm gonna have a lot of reading to do between the choir thing and youth, because I have to read 5 chapters of Great Expectations before last class tomorrow or I'll probably fail my quiz which would not be a good thing because my vocab quiz grades arent the best since my vocab book disappeared. So yeah.

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