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kreyz (profile) wrote,
on 5-24-2005 at 5:09am
Current mood: aggravated
Music: SOAD - Toxicity
Hey yall.

Not much to update. Last weekend, I had Morgan move in with me. She had a shitload of clothes she had to pack. About 5 heavy duty trashbags worth, and keep in mind that shes a pretty skinny girl, so there is a shitload of clothes in my room, so we have to rearrange my room to get it all in there... Plus soon, I'm gonna be gettin' a waterbed, so I have to move stuff around again.

Morgan and I spent all weekend moving stuff around, and also preparing for the Strange Juggalos Picnic. Speaking of which, I've heard things about people talking shit about her and I behind our backs. If someone is too chickenshit to say whats said behind our backs to our faces, then it shows their true colors: Yellow.

I really wish that people who have a problem would just confront me with it. I honestly have to say that it isn't Morgan that the people have a problem with; it's me, and Morgan is pretty much being hit with the fire that is meant for me, anyways. I've been hearing things about friends saying not-so-friendly things. I don't necessarily believe it, so i sluff it off, but if it is the case, I think someone should muster up the guts to tell me this to my face. Otherwise, shut up, cuz you ain't got shit to say.

Sunday sucked because I had to drive Morgan back to her school in Indiana. She gets out of school at noon on friday, and she needs a ride back home, so she and I can be together again. So far, I have come up with three possibilities of getting her back home, cuz I know I won't be able to do it unfortunately. One is a juggalo who lives here. Two is her mom cuz she's coming to the summer house in Gun Lake this weekend. Three is having her hitch a ride with one of the alumni from Lansing and I pick her up after work. Either which way, she can get home. I think either of these will be fine.

Morgans mom wants to meet me, and I have no problem with that. Morgan keeps on telling me about "dressing Normal" and I know what that means; strict parents who are anti-scrub, I guess. But I shall do what I can. I'm not gonna dress like an uber-prep because if I did, I might as well be gay or in church. I think perhaps a pair of baggy jeans and a non-Psychopathic shirt would be in order. I got a few of those running around. But it would possibly be nice for a first impression. I already had problems with some other girlfriend's parents in the past, and I'm really not looking forward to that shit again.

Hopefully, the game plan on Getting Morgan Back will be in full effect. Next time I talk to Morgan, I should probably ask her for her moms phone number, and her mom and I could possibly talk things out. The thing with Lunchbox picking her up might be a little bit of a problem, because he works in construction right now in Stevensville, and him picking her up at noon depends on the weather. If it rains he can, if it doesn't, then he don't get out until 4-430 and she needs to be here by 600-630 so she can go to the MSI Concert. I told her that if she doesn't go, then I won't go, and I'll just sell my ticket at the door or something.

Well, thats it for now. I'll catch you guys later, and possibly get more updated if shit goes up or down.


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