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fishyrere (profile) wrote,
on 5-24-2005 at 6:53pm
Subject: i don't believe in luck
another bad day... theres gotta be a cure for this or something. its like a disease that i cant seem to get over. and speaking of diseases... i finally caught the cold that has been going around. thank you heather, jonathan, and josh. the best gift a person can get! you know, i found two four leaf clovers in the past week and its been one of the worst weeks ever. i don't believe in luck. yeah and aside from all that, in case anybody ELSE didn't know, Ben and Shannon are going out! yay, its about time. i'm happy for them, it just would have been nice if somebody *coughbencough* would have told me sometime earlier, like on any one of the 4 days after they started going out... but oh well. whats done is done and i'll say nothing more on the subject ben, i swear.

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