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fallenfaces (profile) wrote,
on 5-26-2005 at 2:45pm
Music: Bright Eyes
Subject: Tell me..
It's sad that there are only two days left of school, yet I still decide to skip out of today. I'm just tired of going there.
Lately I've been.. ok? I guess..
When I'm guessing is when you know I'm not.
Nothing feels real anymore. Just routine.
I don't get excited about anything.
I don't look forward to things.
I just.. don't feel.
I'm so terribly lost right now.

It never leaves my mind, it drives me insane. I question it and that hurts. But if I lose that what do I have? Nothing.
Everything is so dull and meaningless.

My good mood just sank with a phone call.
I get upset too easily.

Sometimes I feel like I have no one to turn to.
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