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xonixieox (profile) wrote,
on 5-28-2005 at 10:23am
ok so i havnt updated in a really long time.. anyways.. things have been going pretty good on the friends circut.. but boys on the other hand.. not so good! anywhoo..

domino my precious doggy got her wire cut and she had been gone for like 2 days.. then someone sed they saw her so we looked for so long.. and finnaly someone sed they dropped her off at the clinic, so we went to get her. then this morning when she woke up she couldnt walk.. and now she needs a cast (we requested a pink one) and im really sad.. but as long as she'll be okay..

anyways.. i dont really havee alot to write becasue i've been buisy.. work is going good.. come visit me at Bakery on the common sometme. ya.. uhhhmmm.

ohhh cheerleading tryouts are next weeki.. i really want top make varsity.. i havew been working my whole life for it.. and i just really hope my dream comes true :\

ALrighty.. if i see some comments i'll update more often...

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