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kreyz (profile) wrote,
on 5-29-2005 at 10:04am
Current mood: AWESOME
Music: Super 8-Bit Brothers - Nebulon
*COUGH COUGH HACKK!* I've been sick all week, and its really starting to piss me off. I have a wedding to attend to, and Its not gonna look really good on my part if I have a snot bubble hanging off my nose in front of my family and my cousin Paul's fiancee, Angie's Family. But I'll get back to all that stuff, lets talk about all the stuff that I didn't talk about before...

Sunday throughout Wednesday just flat out sucked. Basically, because Morgan wasn't there, and I really missed her. It was kinda driving me nuts on the inside, but I didn't really show it, I think. But I did miss the hell out of her, nonetheless. But throughout these days, I was trying to get ahold of someone that she met in Stevensville, named Lunchbox. Lunchbox, apparently, worked in construction and was working for his company in Stevensville. He lives in Byron Center, and he's a juggalo, as well, and thats pretty much how she met him was that she was around town, and saw a hatchetman stickin' out the back window of a car, and met up with Lunchbox. The whole week, though, I'm calling Lunchbox about pickin' her up cuz she asked him about picking her up from LaLumiere on friday. I really felt like I might have been being a bother to him, cuz eventually, I would call him and I would only get the voicemail. Every time I talked to Morgan over the internet, I'd tell her that, and she would start to worry. Eventually, we got it situated, and I'm gonna tell you how it went down, like right now!

Wednesday comes, and Morgan can't really take that school anymore. She told me that all thats going on on friday is the graduation ceremony and like she gives a crap about that in the first place. Or the school, no less... lol She wanted to leave thursday night. I told her I guess that I could do it. I had about $15 bucks in Meijer's Cards and $10 bucks cash. I asked my mom if I could probably borrow $20 bucks... she gave me $50 bucks. Nice Mom. I thought that was cool. I didn't fill up until I picked up Morgan. But thursday was still pretty hectic, though.

Jenny wanted to come over, so I had to pick her up from her house in Cedar Springs. Then I had to go to Mary's Graduation with my mom, which was fun. I sat down with a friend of mine from AV class, Bryan. He was pretty cool being around my mom and all. We were makin' fun of the principal that runs (or ran) the school. Made fun of the Salutatorian and cracked jokes about the rest of the faculty, and were being just plain weird. We were noticing that a lot of the graduating class had stuff taped to the top of their caps. I noticed one girl had the Spartan "S" logo on hers, the retarded TMI kid who thought he was a pro wrestler had "The Rock" taped on the top of his cap, and Mary had a little Hatchetman on hers. That, I thought, was the shit. Rep that shit, ninjette! Mom noticed it before I did, and that I also thought was cool that my mother recognized Hatchetman. Now, If I could get her to be a juggamom... lol

After the graduation ended (about 9ish), We waited in the lobby for Mary, gave her our congratulations, and gave her our hugs, talked a little with her, mom and I bounced out, and she dropped me off. I come to find out that I had to drop Jenny off at home that night, which kinda screwed up my scheduling, but it had to be done anyways. I didn't think that I would have had to do that till sunday, cuz I thought she was staying over for the MSI concert the next night. Nope, so I had to drop her off back to Cedar. Trevor tagged along, too... lol I drove back home, and realized I had to get directions from the exit i had to get off to LaLumiere, so I quick copied that on a piece of paper and jetted off. I got there at 1230am, Michigan time. I was worried that with me being a half hour late, that the gates were gonna be closed, but luckily, she talked to the gate keeper (that sounds so Ghostbusters), and she got the gates to remain open, cuz she had a crap load of stuff hangin' out in front of her dorm. That took a half hour or so to put that stuff in the car and to get to a gas station and gas up. She drove home, up until maybe exit 67 on I-131, which isn't really all that far away from home. In the meantime, I was sleeping, and she woke me up when she was startin' to feel groggy and we did the chinese fire drill at a McDonalds. I also got a little bite to eat, because my headache has been coming back, and I would need something to eat before taking an Ibuprofen. About 10 minutes later, I got on the exit to 68th street. I was so glad to be home, and when I stopped, my baby Morgan woke up. I told her that this was the exit that she has to get off on to get back to Gun Lake so she can work at The Bib.

We got back home, fooled around a little, and I had to wake up at 700 so I could sadly enough go to work. I had to work some of the slowest eight hours in my life! Basically, because Monday is Memorial Day, so I had to work my full eight. Got home finally, and got ready for the MSI concert. MY GOD THAT CONCERT WAS THE SHIT! All of my friends that have Woohu accounts (except for Tom cuz he didn't go... faggot) have said their piece on it, but all in all, it was the motherfucking shit! First came out this duo of guys called the Super 8-Bit Brothers. Their beats and stuff sounded a lot like videogames and stuff. Me and Trevor thought that they were awesome, but a lot of people didnt. They were flipping the guys off once they tried doing this Lip Synched skit... I thought it was creative and the one cool thing that they did during their concert was that they were saying "I know that these juggalos are having a good time... (the los were flipping them off) we basically do the same thing ICP does." Also when people were throwing stuff at them, the one guy said that they were like Duck Hunt, cuz they couldn't aim for shit.

Next was SMB, and they were cool... the lead guy had a Keytar. Keytars are awesome. Now I want one! But their stuff was pretty cool. They had a good blend of stuff throughout all of Metal Music. Good times...

Finally was MSI. The first thing I noticed was that the Duck Hunt guy was playing guitar, in replacement for the lead. From what Trevor told me was that the original guy had to have hip replacement surgery or something. Sad, but hey... Duck Hunt. Their set was an hour and a half, and Morgan just went out of control... so did the potheads, and this one guy who kept on yelling out "Jimmy Urine, I want your penis in my ass!" Morgan kept on dancing with these two chicks who were dancing and making out the entire night. I told Morgan if she wanted to, then she could fuck either or both of them for all I cared... of course, I would be there to watch... lol

The Mosh Pit did get kinda rowdy, too. Morgan and I (Trevor was with Jenny and Jack by now) decided to find a less crowded area, and we went in the back. On the way there, she got nailed in the face, and some dudes faced nailed my elbow really hard. It didn't hurt me, but I felt a nose in my elbow bone. Thank God thats the hardest bone in your body, otherwise I might have gotten hurt. Fuck that guy, nonetheless, cuz he's stupid. But Morgan did get nailed in the face again later, and I saw it happen this time. After that, I said fuck the concert, I'm gonna do what I can to protect my girl. So I decided to be a blocker for the mosh pit, but like that was a fat of luck, really. By this time, I'm not really paying attention to MSI anymore. Fuck MSI at this point, cuz I'm about making sure my girl is ok and having a good time. I'm protective like that at times. But anyways, I play the role of the blocker in the pit, so noone hurts my baby. Fat lot of luck that did, really, because some dude crashed past me and headbutted Morgan in the stomach. At first, she thought that her belly ring got ripped out, cuz it hurt so much, but when I said it was ok, she ran to the bathroom. Of course, I followed, cuz I was concerned, and she ran into the bathroom to puke. After she got out of the bathroom, Security booted her out of the arena. That really pissed her off, and I was pissed off as well. I started asking questions about it, and the bitch said that it was policy if people started puking then they have to be escorted out, cuz they don't want other people getting sick. I just said "alright, whatever." and walked out on my own free will. I'm not going to go back and have a good time, stranding my very own girlfriend who isn't even feeling well, due to a headbutt in the gut. I left the arena, and we waited in the car for Trevor.

She was crying the entire wait, because she felt obligated to apologize for getting both of us booted out. I told her that it was nobody's fault for us getting kicked out, and that its just something that happened. I think it took her a little while for her to understand it all, and besides, theres nothing that we could do about it, we got kicked out and theres nothing we can do.

Trevor came after about 15 min. later (we got kicked out at the last song) with stuff! An 8-Bit CD, an SMB CD, and an MSI Hoody. Yeah hes fresh, and he owes me a hoody wear for me letting him wear my fishnet. lol

I told him what happened and that at this point, I could care if Jack owes me $10 bucks for the drive last week to his BFE place that we me and Jenny didn't get to go to, I wanted to get Morgan home ASAP. BTW, Jenny, tell Jack that we're square on that $10. Back to the story, we drove back home using the M-6, listening to 8-Bit. Damn they sound different on the CD than live. They should have more feeling on the CD, like they did when they were live, cuz live made them sound fuckin' cool as fuck.

Right now, i'm at my grandmas, getting ready to attend my cousin, Paul's, wedding. I'll give you those results tomorrow, because right now, my girlfriend is on AIM and shes important.

Peace n chicken grease

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