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speakyourmind22 (profile) wrote,
on 5-29-2005 at 8:37pm
Music: Basketball game
Subject: More Deep Ranting
Wel.. i finally got my computer to work, so i decied to update! I havent benn doing anything but sleeping and reading/writing
I am laying off thinking about my major for about a week, but i think about it all the time. I eny people who know what they want in life... I finally got my grades up I ended up with a 3.6 this semester so i made the deans list! I am happy about it b/c i worked my ass off this year. So now i can decalre my major, whatever that might be. But i went to church today, i am glad i went something made me go, and no it was not my mom. I was thinking today
about all the people you meet in your life, and the reason you know them. and the reason why some stay and some go. and the reason why you can't forget about soem of them. It takes me a logn time to consider someone a friend. I dont make friends easily, and jsut b/c i knwo someone for 2 minues doesnt make that person my friend. If i can talk about religion or politics i can but you up for a canidate for friend. So for the people who read this and i have called you friend. Then yes, we are still friends. There might be some reason why are firendship isnt strong, either a mis understanding, on my part or your part(probly on your part b/c iam always right :) but iam someone who doesnt hold a grudge, I live, I learn, I Move the Hell on. So I guess if you are reading this, and taking it to heart then know i am your firend, weather its is obvious or not.
I know this is rambling and ranting, but its the truth.
I have come to a point in my life yes... a point n 19 (almost 20 years) that things in my life need to change, people need to change, I need to meet more Good people. there are alot of things i need to feel, experience, and learn..and no that doesnt mean I need to gt amrried or get drunk. It jsut means I need to do some "soul searching" and to quote john mayer " something is misssing and I dont know what it is" Ok that ends that cheesiness. So i guess iam jsut rambling b/c i rather be asleep right now....I am going to go call my brother and make fun of him b/c he is planting flowers!!!!
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