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babydoll2005 (profile) wrote,
on 5-30-2005 at 1:51am
Things are calming down at home.. slowly but they are.

Well I wouldn't really know I'm either working or at Brandyn's house.

I'm tired of working... but I have bills....

I've been paying my own bills since the 10th grade... I buy my own clothes, supports my own habits, pay for my car, my gas, my insurance, my phone bill, anything I want.

And here I thought that once I graduated, I'd get an apartment of my own. Yeah right, I'm already in debt and graduation is Friday. I owe my boss 200 and some odd dollars. Yeah I know.

But I just got on to mess with my design... and I know it looks pretty shitty... but oh well. I'm tired.

I'm goin to bed.

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