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kreyz (profile) wrote,
on 5-30-2005 at 9:27am
Current mood: Still Sexed Up
Music: Super 8-Bit Brothers - Super Rygon
OK so the rest of the weekend wasn't bad at all, although, I think a part of my mom came out of me... Meaning that I had been talking with some family members, and we come to the realization that my mom was an attention whore as a kid, and I was doing the same...

Saturday was the rehearsal and dinner. That took maybe about 2 hours to get all of it down pat... We were rehearsing basically where were going to stand and how fast to walk, when to start, where to split, all that jazz... While I was there, I met this super cool juggalette and her boyfriend. Her name was Rachelle, but everybody called her Rachet. Being Juggalos, you know that we immediately get that juggalo click going, and things go pretty smooth sailing... BUT the only problem was that I have blood related family on one side, and juggalo family on the other, AND I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO DO! You know that one dude from scanners, where his head explodes? Yeah, I was just about like that. It took about 5 minutes before I even stepped up to talk with them, but they knew I was Fam cuz I was wearing my Ringmaster shirt.

But still, Ratchet was cool. So was her dude. After the rehearsal, we all had to go to this italian restaurant called "Emil's." It was in Lansing, and I've never heard of it before. I LIVED IN LANSING FOR YEARS AND NEVER HEARD OF THIS PLACE! It was a pretty fresh place, nonetheless... Ratchet's boyfriend couldn't go, because he was basically a guest of the wedding, due to being Ratchet's boyfriend. He went to a McDonalds or something and slept in her truck while we sat in Emils and ate. She and I were sitting with the guy who was going to marry Paul and Angie, and his wife... I talked most of the time (I'm so social!), and I talked about my usual shit... ICP, Juggalos, and the like. It was awesome because the guy didn't diss me or anything... what he did say, in agreement to what I said, is that Juggalos sounded a little bit like Deadheads. Meaning, that the Deadheads had a following towards the Grateful Dead, just like Juggalos have a following towards ICP... but of course, I told him that it isn't just ICP, its everyone on ICP's label, Psychopathic. We talked about more than just ICP and juggalos, though, cuz he also said that there was someone else like that, and that he was a member of a group called the Water Brothers, and he, like I would with juggalos, would stop what he was doing to talk to a fellow member and shoot the shit with them, even though he doesn't know who they are... I'd say that the only difference between Water Brothers and DeadHeads compared to juggalos is that we are more scrubby or harder looking than them. But it's generally the same idea, basically. We talked about other music, and apparently they were also playing Paul's reception, and that they play a lot of the old school shit. Bunches of Old Rock and Roll, like Huey Louis and the News, Creedence, and stuff like that. I was so down with them... lol they were cool as fuck.

The wedding was the next day, and I was of course one of the groomsmen. I was in arms with Ratchet for that. lol Cuz we're both juggalos and Angie thought that would work out like that. It did, cuz we are juggalos, and we got along very well. We were joking about shit cuz she kept on stepping on her dress on the walk to the front, and I told her if she fell, i'm gonna laugh, so she walked slower.

The entire wedding, I was standing completely still, just about. Just lookin' pimp in my black suit, cuz I know how to make that shit work! I was looking at the guy marrying Angie and Paul when he spoke, and I would look into Angie's eyes during the ceremony and I could tell she was happy, and she was crying so much, I almost did and I normally don't cry. Ratchet almost did, too. Paul looked proud as fuck. I never seen that son of a bitch any happier, except for later, and i'll tell you why when I get to it.

The wedding was over and we all had to wait for the reception, which started at 6. Ratchet and her boyfriend and I signed his guest book, but I changed it up a bit, and wrote "Juggalo" above guests on the page. We three fucked that page up, writing shit all over it, as well as our names on the guest list. I put an arrow pointing towards a smear and wrote "left-handed" under it, cuz the smear was due to me being left-handed. Some other people wrote down their names, but I found it out, and wrote "Not juggalos" besides them. That page was meant for us, damn it! Its a juggalo page. God, non juggalos gotta ruin everything for the juggalos! lol But me, Ratchet and Spaz (think thats his name) went to Speedway to get some eats so that way we didn't eat all of the food that was meant for the reception. We were hungry as fuck, and all I had was a bag of chips and a kit kat bar that I didn't eat.

The reception comes, and Pete's fiancee` Michelle and I got to the food right before the bride and groom did. Shit, we were hungry and I got to the food first, bitches! Bubba, one of the groomsmen, got a lil jealous cuz we got to eatin' first. Fuck it, cuz I was hungry. At least I didn't go for that cake and shit. Now that I think of it, I never got any cake. I WANT CAKE NOW! Best thing about the Reception was the dinner mints, pretty much. Me, Pete, and his friend, Johnny, were throwing dinner mints at Pete and Paul's sister, Michelle. I nailed her in the ear on first time throw... Haha. One thing that was funny was while everyone was pounding their fists on the table so Paul and Angie would kiss, Pete put dinner mints in Paul's sandwich (which looked like a White Castle burger with ham replacing the cardboard meat). Paul got a big suprise about 5 minutes afterwards, and we all were busting a gut laughing. It was great.

Reception was even better. There was the first husband and wife dance, then all of the bridesmaids and groomsmen danced. Ratchet told me that if I stepped on her feet, she'd knee me in the nuts (she was barefoot). I told her if she kneed me in the nuts, i'd head butt her in the nose. Luckily, we didn't hit eachother, so it was all good... afterwards was the dollar dance, and I danced with Paul instead of Angie. But then again, so did Pete and Johnny. I was the only sober one to do it, too. Pete got Fucked up at that reception. The cool thing about the music was the band. Cuz it consisted of two people who used to play in a band with my old man, Ray and someone else I don't remember, some bass player chick, and the two people from the rehearsal dinner. I jammed out there and had a really good time, and left around 930ish, when i promised I was gonna be home by 7 or 8... But it was great cuz after I was done with my dollar dance, I started to walk away, but then quick turned around, ran towards Paul, and jumped on him. Fun times...

Before I left, I had to say goodbye to Paul and Angie. Angie told me that She and Paul care a lot about me, and that they'd like to chill with me. I said thats fine, perhaps i'd bring Morgan with me, and she said that would be cool. Its great to know that there are people who want to meet my girlfriend. My family is so cool! :-p

Here is what I was gonna tell you. I had to find Paul, and tell him goodbye, and when I did, he had a glass of beer in one hand, and an empty pitcher in the other. Nothing better than seeing the groom drunk as shit, and also the groom being my cousin. But I said my goodbyes, and drove home...

Yeah, so thats about it, so hope its a good read...

Peace n Chicken Grease

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